Why Floorte?

Make a Bold Statement, Durable & Perfect for open concept spaces

Floorte® uses high-definition printing for a hardwood or tile look that is highly authentic. Its FOLD N TAP®™ locking system is precision-engineered for an easy installation. Floorté™ floors are also strong, durable, flexible—concealing imperfections of the floor beneath—and waterproof, making Floorté™ a great flooring option on and below ground level. (source: shawfloors.com)

Benefits of Floorte Luxury Vinyl

  • Uses high definition printing
  • Waterproof: Lifeguard core protects against all water spills
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Simple DIY: Restorations and renovations made easy. It can be easily installed on existing hard surface floors
  • Quiet & Comfortable: Soft Silence™ attached acoustical pad for reduced noise and added comfort.
  • Available in multiple styles and colors

Have additional questions?

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