Area Rugs FAQs

Most people have a few questions when they shop for area rugs. To start your shopping off right, we’ve collected the most-asked questions here, along with their basic answers.

Q. What size rug do I need in my living room?

A. A large rug is generally recommended when all the furniture is contained within the rug area. Using a size (such as 9’ x 12’ or 8’ x 11’) that allows a border of flooring to show symmetrically on all sides is an attractive look. Smaller rugs (5’ x 8’, for example) are often used to define a conversation area.

Q. Do I need a round rug with a round table?

A. A round rug is suitable as long as it is large enough to accommodate the chairs. If you often add leaves to the table, a rectangle is the better choice.

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Choosing A Rug

Finding Inspiring Rugs

Just about any room can use an area rug. It adds instant color and style. And rugs are inspiring! Get your creativity going with the hottest trending rugs—in designs that sparkle with color, pattern, and texture while they spark the imagination!

Area Rugs

When you shop, expect to see rugs in myriad shapes, sizes, and price ranges—and in every style, from contemporary to traditional. Here are some things to consider on your way to finding your fave:

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Care & Maintenance of Area Rug

Please be sure to reference your area rug warranty for specific care requirements! For your general information, however, here are some basic tips and facts:

Regular cleaning: Regular vacuuming will help rugs retain their beauty and will extend their useful life. In light to medium traffic areas, vacuum twice weekly. In the heavy traffic areas, vacuum daily.

Area Rugs

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Benefits of Area Rugs

No matter what your tastes, décor, or preferences are, we can help. We offer area rugs that come in many different styles and designs, so it’s easy to find the right look for you.

Here are a few tips to get you started—because it’s important to know the major decision points in shopping for this exciting purchase:

Addition to a Neutral Space: An area rug can help with the decision process when choosing furniture. With so many color palettes to choose from having a small focal point helps narrow choices for décor and furniture.

Noise Reduction: Many customers desire hard surface flooring, an area rug can help to literally soften a space. Most importantly can assist with noise reduction in a space with hard surface flooring. An area rug can help to absorb some of the impacts of your footstep. This can be a huge benefit to those with small children or the elderly.

Easy to Clean and Replace: Due to the smaller size of area rugs they can be maintained more easily. Cleaning of an area rug is generally much less involved than maintenance of entire floors. Another benefit to area rugs is that they are versatile and can be replaced to match new décor.

Style: Area rugs instantly add color, texture and pattern to a space. Someone’s personal style and personality can be displayed in a space and still be practical as well as functional art. For those who may be renting a property, a rug is great for updating a space that can’t be painted or have hanging décor.

Area Rugs
Area Rugs