RS Resonating 550

Carpet brings a warmth to a room like nothing else can do. It absorbs sound and helps to “quiet” a room unlike any other flooring type can do. Carpet has become much softer and much more stain resistant. It is still a great value as far as price compared to other flooring types. Carpet is chosen by those that want a soft and warm feel under foot. When choosing between different carpeting options you need to consider the amount of traffic that will be on the carpet and choose carefully when buying in order to get the right stain protection and wear guarantee.

Carpet installation can include rip up and removal of old flooring for a small fee. Most areas can be done in one day. Do it yourself is not recommended and will affect warranty as carpet needs to be tightly stretched in order to wear properly. We have care and maintenance tips on the carpet page. Carpet is very sensitive to vacuuming, although you want to vacuum some vacuums can be too powerful and affect your warranty, check with manufacturer for warranty.

Carpet at Bay View Flooring