Ross Lake Pear 613 Union Grove PearBeautiful and long-lasting, hardwood floors make an elegant choice for nearly any room in your home. When choosing hardwood, the color, character, and construction type are the important factors to consider.

Find Elegance for your home: Hardwood floors bring a simple elegance to your home, making a room seem open and welcoming. Guests will see the simplicity of your home improvement immersing themselves into the ebb and flow of the hardwood’s natural grain.

Versatility: Wood is part of nature’s wonders, it generally flows with almost all decor options.  The options for stain colors and finishes are so numerous and varied that almost every color scheme should find an accenting hardwood finish.

Easy Maintenance: You may ask how often hardwood needs to be cleaned and what you hear would be a housekeepers favorite dream. Imagine only having to sweep, dry mop, or vacuum for general maintenance of hardwood floors. Unlike other flooring, hardwood only needs a deep clean about once a year. During the interim basic cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and spills is all it takes to keep the allergens and other environmental issues cut down to a minimum.

Durability and Strength: Hardwood floors can take a beating. Drop something and dent it, slide something and scrape it, and all you need to do repair that area. Hardwood floors are meant to last and with proper maintenance, they could essentially be your forever floor.

Acoustical Grandeur: Sound is something we have continually flowing in our homes. Do we want our conversations to sound hollow, our television to be muffled or our radios to vibrate? Wood floors reduce these inconveniences, allowing for clearer sound.

Improved Air Quality: Allergens such as pet dander, dust, and pollen all lay on the surface of the hardwood and don’t fall beneath the surface, hiding until they can raise their ugly heads again. Since wood doesn’t allow these particles to fall through the cracks (there are none), we are able to clean them out before they become problematic.

Cost Effectiveness: The initial installation of hardwood floors can seem almost overwhelming! The cost of installing a hardwood floor can really make you think twice. Here’s where hardwood becomes more cost efficient than other products out there. Hardwood lasts for years! Damage it? Sand it and refinish. There is no need to remove and replace a hardwood floor when you have the option to repair and restore several times throughout the years hardwood is in your home. Simple maintenance like this is where hardwood saves money.

Ecological Bonus: Hardwood floors use natural products that can be regenerated. We all know that sometimes nature needs to give way to new growth. Many times this is done through such things as deforestation and controlled burns. Why not make use of these natural resources and beautify our homes.

Build Value in your Home: New home buyers will generally gravitate toward homes with hardwood floors over carpet. The reason they will do this is because “dirty” is easily hidden Carpet. No one wants to live in someone else’s dirt and allergens. Having hardwood floors will generally lead new buyers to offer the asking price, thus increasing the value of your home.

Natural Color and Patterns let yo refinish: Hardwood flooring has natural coloring and patterns that generally do not fade. The ebb and flow of the natural wood grain allows you to keep your shine by giving the option of refinishing rather than replacement. Since wood rarely, if ever, fades you hold the option of making your floors look brand new with some minor maintenance (refinishing).

Note that there are many differences in finishes—gloss or luster level, scraping degree and technique, wire-brushing, etc. Ask our sales staff to show you samples