The Schluter®-Shower SystemThe Schluter®-Shower System

Tile is not only timeless and beautiful, it’s also durable, hygienic, and easy to clean making it ideal for wet areas. The Schluter®-Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled showers. Since tiles and grout joints are not inherently waterproof, they must be installed using a waterproofing system that effectively manages moisture and prevents mold growth. The Schluter®-Shower System eliminates the risk of failures due to water and vapor penetration and dramatically reduces total installation time. From drains to shower benches to waterproofing pipe seals, Schluter®-Systems offers everything you need to ensure a dependable and watertight installation.

The advantages of the Schluter® Shower

  • Prevents water and vapor penetration in wall cavities to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Protects moisture-sensitive building materials such as wood framing, plywood, and OSB.
  • Made of inorganic materials, the system will not promote mold growth.
  • Even, impact-resistant, and rigid.
  • Contains no cement or fiberglass for a dust-free installation.
  • Easy to install

The Schluter®-Shower System is your all-in-one solution to building a completely waterproof shower that is ready for tile. So call us today to learn more.